Salam everyone! Last Saturday was a blast. We finally opened our 1st desserts booth which was organised by Bazaar ohh Bazaar. Alhamdulillah everything went pretty well and we also planned to join the bazaar again next month  in May Insyaallah. 

Since we love vintage, cute, and pretty stuff, we decided to make a 'dessert table' concept for our dessert booth. We also decide to create a theme for next bazaar. Maybe in different color? depending on my creativity. heheh..

The desserts that we were selling; Hummingbird cake, Rainbow cake, Twix Brownies, Black chocolate cupcakes, Red Velvet cupcakes, Vanilla cupcakes, macarons and delicious soft and chewy cookies which was made by our friend, Sarah. 

Here I would like to thank everyone who came and gave support to us. 

We will try to update our activities as frequent as possible, as we are still trying to manage our time in between blogging and baking. But we can always keep in touch on Facebook for more picture updates! =D

Here's some of the photos that was taken during the event. For the next and upcoming event, we plan to make different type of desserts, just to create varieties and more fun. Hope you guys will like it! or you can  give us suggestion for the menu =)

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